Interested in Joining the Lab?

Students in the Multimedia Communications Lab are typically admitted through either the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) or the Division of Systems Engineering (SE). The SE Division is intended for students with an extensive mathematical background, who want to focus on methodological research in systems engineering, optimization, stochastics, dynamical systems, and operations research.

We would be happy to answer specific questions (via contact us) but please bear in mind that it is not possible to respond to all e-mail inquiries from prospective graduate students.

Application materials are available on the BU College of Engineering website. If you are interested in working in Multimedia Communications Lab under the direction of Prof. Little, please put his name down as a faculty member who you have an interest in working with. Your application will be considered by the corresponding admissions committee (ECE or SE).

Please make sure that you submit your application early enough (before the end of the calendar year for admission in the Fall of the following academic year) since a number of fellowships are decided in January or February.