McCall Lab Zoo Trip July 2023

McCall Lab Zoo Trip

(left to right): Kim, Alexandra, Cameron, Shruthi, Guangmei
Biology Department Holiday Party
(left to right): Diane as Hades, Kim as Captain Hook, Alexandra as Yzma, Jeanne as Queen of Hearts, Guangmei as Maleficent, Emily as Gaston, Cameron as Cruella DeVil
Halloween 2021
Top, Left to Right: Casey, Yuanhang, Albert, JiSoo, Kim, Katie, Anoush, Jeanne, Johnny (Middle) Clarissa, Alla, Andre, Oandy (Bottom) Lake
Halloween 2017
Back (left to right): Katrina, Tori, Olivia, Iker, Victoria, Jeanne, Jennifer, Tracy (Bottom) Alla, Kim, Allison, Claire
Salem Summer 2012
(Left to right): Victoria, Iker, Monwadee, Elizabeth, Jeanne, Allison, Adam, Tatevik, Vishal, Ling, Tracy, Ruth
White Mountains 2010
1st (left to right): Jeanne, Iker (2nd) Allison, Elizabeth, Elaine, Vishal, Adam (3rd) Tracy, Tatevik, Jemma, Christy
Halibut Point 2009
(Left to right): Kim, Tracy, Paige, Kristen, Liz, Jason, Jeanne
Six Flags 2005
(Left to right): Margaret, Aeona, Artem, Paige, Dana, Jeanne, Kristen, Jay, Bonnie
Dairy Joy 2002
(left to right): Jeanne, Artem, Dana, Kim
First Lab Meeting 1999