Positions Available

The Liu lab welcome post doctoral scientists, graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in the following areas:

  1. Natural product biosynthesis, including:
  2. Isolation and structural characterization of novel secondary metabolites from bacteria, fungi, and plants;
  3. Identification and characterization of biosynthetic genes by a combination of bioinformatic and genetic tools;
  4. Mechanistic characterization of key enzymes (with special emphasis of metallo-enzymes) by a combination of synthetic organic, biochemical and biophysical approaches;
  5. Production of selected metabolites by synthetic organic, synthetic biology approach, or a combination of both;
  6. Evaluate biological functions of key metabolites using both cell-based and animal models.

Relevant samples:



  1. Chemical biology, including
  2. Developing small molecule-based conditional knockout tools;
  3. Making use of new tools in studying epigenetic controls of biological process with emphasis on ageing and neurosciences.

Relevant samples:




To apply for positions, please contact with Prof. Pinghua Liu: