Kevin “Kip” Thomas

Dr. Thomas is the Principal Investigator for the Laboratory for Human Neurobiology where he is actively involved in cognitive and neurophysiological studies of individuals from diverse backgrounds. His research focuses on the study of human neurobiology, cognition, and behavior at the individual and group level to study societal dynamics in complex adaptive environments. Dr. Thomas’s career has been interdisciplinary with special focus on the intersection of social science with neuroscience. He has provided research program oversight, systems analyses, and modeling and simulation of exercises for developing research, policy and acquisition strategies for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and various private corporations. Dr. Thomas, as the founding Research Program Director for Department of Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, has developed systems analysis and modeling and simulation tools to analyze methods of critical infrastructure protection and cyber security. This included research and project oversight for over 50 activities conducted at 14 universities. Furthermore, Dr. Thomas is the Program Director for both Master’s of Bioimaging and the Master’s of Science in Healthcare Emergency Management Degree Programs. His experience in multivariate research design and analyses, as well as teaching, makes him well suited to support the research team.

Curriculum Vitae