About The Study

We are currently looking for Gulf War veterans who served in the 1990-1991 Gulf War for a one-day research study. This study is taking place in Boston, Miami and Houston. If you are interested in participating, please call 617-358-2230 or e-mail GWIC@bu.edu



This consortium consists of a team of experts from several disciplines that will provide further understanding to the pathobiology of Gulf War Illness. The consortium believes that Gulf War Illness is not only a multi-symptom illness but also a multi-system illness requiring experts from multiple disciplines from leading academic and government agencies working together to solve. As a team of researchers working together, we believe that we can vastly increase the understanding of the pathobiology of Gulf War Illness and develop targeted treatments for its symptoms through this highly collaborative research consortium.


The primary goals of the study are to identify biomarkers of Gulf War Illness that can be used in diagnosis and for identifying mechanisms that can be targeted for treatment trials.

What will happen during this study:

Initially, a member of the study team will go through a telephone screening with you to make sure you are eligible for this study. If so, you will schedule an appointment to come in to one of the three sites located in Massachusetts, Florida and Texas(See the Clinical Sites tab for more information on these sites). Each participant will make one visit to the study site, lasting up to 4 hours. We will ask you to provide blood and saliva samples first and then receive a short physical exam. We will then conduct cognitive testing to evaluate your thinking and memory abilities. We will then ask you to fill out questionnaires about your health and medical history. Finally, you will undergo an MRI scan of your head as the last portion of your visit. You will be compensated $100 for your participation.