Gentrification Conference

“Gentrification, what can we do about it? An international dialogue” is a global symposium on gentrification and displacement. This will be the first international conference on gentrification studies in over 20 years—the last one was held in 2002 in Glasgow, UK. Since then, academic publications on gentrification have taken off massively, case studies have become more global, and new types of gentrification have emerged. Anti-gentrification activism has also increased and gotten more sophisticated globally.

Yet, gentrification and its associated problems endure for marginalized peoples in urban and rural areas and both formal and informal settlements worldwide. Rapidly rising commercial and residential costs, direct and indirect displacement, racial/ethnic cleansing, socio-cultural exclusion, and discrimination are the result. Bringing together academics, activists, and others, this conference seeks real solutions: What can we do about it?

This event is hosted by the Boston University Initiative on Cities and the Department of Sociology.

Conference Co-Organizers