Evaluation of Access Accelerated

A team from Boston University (BU) has developed a first-of-its-kind measurement framework as part of Access Accelerated that serves as a common language for categorizing, understanding and comparing access programs. The framework includes three main components:

  1. A taxonomy of 11 strategies that describes common approaches used by access programs
  2. A series of logic models—one for each strategy—detailing the pathways by which programs may achieve impact
  3. A set of clearly defined indicators for reporting program activities and achievements.

The team has also developed the Access Observatory, an online public repository of information on access programs, structured according to the measurement framework. With transparency as a core principle, all data reported into the Access Observatory is publicly available; confidential data is not accepted. The Access Observatory is the primary reporting mechanism for Access Accelerated programs, though it is open to all access programs, including those designed and implemented by public and non-profit organizations.

Visit the Access Observatory