Boston University, 8 St. Mary’s Street, Photonics Building, Rm. 203

2:00-2:15         Opening

Session 1

2:15-2:35         Lauren Jacobi, “Evidence about Evidence: Architecture and Coin Trials in late Medieval Europe”

2:35-2:55         Janna Israel, “Failing Memories and Forgotten Histories: The Early Church of San Giobbe, Venice in Dispute”

2:55-3:15         Erik Carver, “This whole maze of evidence: rethinking social history through Hunt v. Parmly”

3:15-3:45         Responses by Ross Barrett and Amy Brodeur, plus audience discussion

3:45-4:15         Break

Session 2

4:15-4:35         Ijlal Muzaffar, “Settling Dreams: Responsibility, Inheritance, and Belonging in Narratives of Land”

4:35-4:55         Daria Ricchi, “From Chronicles to Storia: Bruno Zevi’s L’architettura. Cronache e Storia and the Integration Between Theory and Practice”

4:55-5:15         Edward Eigen, “At a Safe Remove: The Story of Lunar Receiving Laboratory”

5:15-5:45         Response by Arianne Chernock and Ross Barrett, plus audience discussion

5:45-6:00         Closing Discussion and Remarks

6:00-7:00         Reception