Institute faculty publish global early childhood well-being work

May 16th, 2023in News & Events

Drs. Peter Rockers and Amanda Tarullo recently published a paper evaluating a community health worker home visit program in South Africa. The program aims to improve child development by integrating home visits into community health worker operations. Dr. Rockers also published research examining whether personality traits mediate the relationship... More

Institute Director, Dr. Dina Castro, Awarded Five-Year Grant from US Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition

February 8th, 2023in News & Events

The grant will fund the Nuestros Niños program, which aims to improve teaching for young bilingual learners by delivering professional development to teachers and teacher assistants working in prekindergarten classes. Dina Castro, alongside Cristina Gillanders of the University of Colorado, Denver, will lead the project in collaboration with Boston... More