Institute faculty publish global early childhood well-being work

Drs. Peter Rockers and Amanda Tarullo recently published a paper evaluating a community health worker home visit program in South Africa. The program aims to improve child development by integrating home visits into community health worker operations.

Dr. Rockers also published research examining whether personality traits mediate the relationship between childhood adversity and educational attainment. The study used longitudinal data from a cohort in Zambia to determine the role of personality traits in this pathway.

To read these papers, see the citations below:

Rockers PC, Leppänen JM, Tarullo A, Coetzee L, Fink G, Hamer DH, Yousafzai AK, Evans D. Evaluation of a community health worker home visit intervention to improve child development in South Africa: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. PLoS Medicine 2023; 20:e1004222. PMID 37058529.

Rockers PC, Zuilkowski SS, Fink G. Childhood adversity and educational attainment: evidence from Zambia on the role of personality. Frontiers in Psychology2023; 14:995343. PMID 36777195.