Thank you for your interest in the Denison Lab! We value a diverse and inclusive environment and encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply. Please read below for further information about open positions if you are interested in joining the lab.

Graduate Students

We accept graduate students through the Brain, Behavior, and Cognition program in the Psychological & Brain Sciences Department or the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. Interested students can contact Rachel Denison directly with a description of their background and interests, to discuss possible research projects and rotations.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We have an open position for an undergraduate research assistant. We are looking for freshmen, sophomores, or first semester juniors with interests in the topics we study. Coding experience is a plus but not required.

How to apply: Interested students can email rdenison@bu.edu. Please send your resume and a cover letter describing your interests in the lab.