We are recruiting!

Please fill out this form if you would like to participate in one of our studies: Participation Survey You can also contact us for more information: demrlab@bu.edu | 617-353-7492

What do we study?

We are interested in understanding how a baby’s natural movements help shape brain development. By understanding how babies move their arms and legs, and how this activity is represented in the brain, we hope to learn about potential therapy strategies for other babies who might be at risk for motor impairments.

What does participation in a study involve?

Participation is completely voluntary. We will ask you to visit our lab once a month from 2-6 mos. and again at 12 mos. (6 visits total). We strive to be flexible and will schedule visits around feeding/nap times. During your visit, we will measure your baby’s natural movements using child-friendly sensors that are worn on the hands and legs like bracelets. We will measure your baby’s movements while he/she lies on his/her back. We will also measure your baby’s brain activity while he/she moves. We use an optical brain imaging technique that measures light to map out areas of the brain that are active when your baby is moving. To do this, we place a cloth cap on your baby’s head that contains special light measuring sensors. These sensors do not hurt or affect your baby’s brain—they only measure the amount of light absorbed in different brain areas. As a thank you for your participation, we will offer you a $25 gift card for each visit. We will also reimburse your travel costs or parking.

How can I get more information or sign up to participate?

You can contact us by phone (617-353-7492), or email (demrlab@bu.edu).  We are located on BU’s Charles River Campus at 635 Commonwealth Ave., and a short 5-minute walk from the Blandford St T-stop or BU East T-stop on the Green Line.


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