Conference Program

Wednesday, 28 May 2014:
Arrival of participants
Thursday, 29 May 2014:
8:00 Registration (College of Arts and Sciences, 685 – 725 Commonwealth Avenue)
Opening Ceremony (College of Arts and Sciences: B50)
9:00 Welcome (Thomas Michael, Professor of Religious Studies, BU)
9:05 Dean’s Greetings
9:15 Conference Greetings (Livia Kohn)
9:25 Keynote: Lai Chi-tim, “Spirit-Writing: The Daoist Dimension”
9:50 Keynote: John Berthrong, “How Daoist is ZhuXi?”
10:30 Break
10:30 Registration moves to School of Theology,  745 Commonwealth Avenue


Time:                    105 minutes
Papers:                20’ each when 4 panelists are presenting = 80’
or                           25’ each when 3 panelists are presenting = 75’
Discussion:        10’ by assigned chair person
and                        15’-20’ open questions


A = STH 115—Panels
B = STH B24 —Panels
C = STH B23 —Workshops
D = STH 113 —Exhibits
E = STH 325—Rest, Recreation, Chat

NOTE: Paper titles listed first in CHINESE are given in Chinese

Thursday, 29 May 2014


SESSION 1: 11:00-12:45

A: Zhuangzi: Philosophy Eske Mollgaard (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Brian Loh)
Jennifer Lundin Ritchie Three Interpretations of the Zhuangzi
Alan Fox Zhuangzi’s Weiwuwei Epistemology: Seeing through Dichotomy to Polarity
Agne Budrunaite The Joys of an Empty Skull: The Tension between Nature and Death in the Zhuangzi
B: New Daoist Masters David Mozina (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Francis Ngo)
Adeline Herrou Transmitting the Daoist Master’s Role beyond the 20th Century
Wu Nengchang Daoism in the Maoist and Post-Maoist Periods
Georges Favraud A Daoist Medical Tradition of the 20th Century
C: Robert Neville Taiji quan: An Introduction to Its Practice (Monitor: Tyler Mingalone)

SESSION 2: 14:00-15:45

A: Comparative Philosophy John Berthrong (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Tyler Mingalone)
Roger Ames Thinking through Abduction in Early Daoist Cosmology
Steven Burik Comparative Resources: Continental Philosophy and Daoism
Rob Smid Finding the Point of Rest on the Potter’s Wheel of Heaven: A Comparative Method Drawn from the Inner Chapters of the Zhuangzi
B: Daoist Practice Today Scott P. Phillips (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Howard Herscovici)
Elisabeth Friedrichs When Managers Support the Sky: Acupuncture and Qigong in the General Practice of a German Family Doctor
Michael Rinaldini Daoism as a Modern-day Practice
Mark Saltveit Authenticity, Exoticism, or Privilege? A Critique of Modern Western Daoism
C: Caryn Boyd Diel Summer Qigong (Monitor: Francis Ngo)

SESSION 3: 16:00-17:45

A: Intertextuality in the HNZ Harold Roth (chair & discussant) (Monitor:Howard Herscovici)
Adrien Stoloff “For he who listens with his ears, the learning is in his skin”: Determining the Textual History of the Received Wenzi and its relation to the Huainanzi from its parallels in the Manuscript Wenzi
Larson DiFiori Uses of Laozi in Huainanzi and Wenzi
Andrew Seth Meyer Echoes of Unplucked Hairs: Yang Zhu’s Thought in the Huainanzi
Judson Murray Shenming 神明 in the Huainanzi: An Inter- and Intratextual Analysis
B: Tiandi jiao Lv Xichen (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Francis Ngo)
Liou Chien-hui 老子及天帝教教義中太陽系生成之宇宙模型探討 (Exploring Cosmogonic Models in Laozi and in Solar System Formation as Presented in Tiandi Jiao Texts)
Liou Chien-cheng 頓超直入:《文始真經》的修道思想 (Sudden Transcendence and Direct Entry: Ideas on Cultivating Dao in the Wenshi True Scripture)
Liou Tong-miin 天人親和之炁氣觀(Heaven-Human Communion Viewed in Light of Innate and Acquired Qi )
C: ROUNDTABLE Spreading Daoism in the West (Monitor: )
Bede Bidlack Elijah Sieger, David Mozina, Zhou Xuanyun

EVENING: 19:00-21:30

Documentary Showing: Dennis Willmont, “Return to the Mountain: A Taiji Journey”
Special Presentation: Xue Xiaogang薛哓刚, Mount Kongtong as Sacred Daoist Space Today 中国崆峒 道源圣地
Vendors’ Exhibits, Book Signing

Friday, 30 May 2014

SESSION 4: 9:00-10:45

A: Zhuangzi Psychology Thomas Michael (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Greg McCue)
Mercedes Valmisa Control, Fate, and Adaptation in Zhuangzi and Qiongda yishi
Livia Kohn Forget or not Forget? The Neurophysiology of Zuowang
Lin Ming-chao Reflection, the Other, and the Response of Qi: The Ethical Dimension of Zhuangzi
B: Daoist Gods Lai Chitim (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Tyler Mingalone)
Wang Qian 论汉画像石中西王母 图像方位模式(The Directional Pattern of Han Stone Carvings of Queen Mother of the West)
Wang Xiaoyang 汉代西王母信仰的两个误读(Two Misreadings in the Study of the Cult of Queen Mother of the West in the Han)
Nikaido Yoshihiro 再論伽藍神招寶七郎大權 (The Temple Guardian Zhaobao Qilang Daquan)
Zhao Xiaohuan 元代城隍神信仰:以《全元文》為中心的考察(The Cult of the City God (Chenghuang) in the Yuan Period)
C: Sat Hon The Secret of the Golden Flower: Forms of Daoist Alchemical Meditation (Monitor: Francis Ngo)

SESSION 5: 11:00-12:45

A: Daoist Thought Dan Lusthaus (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Zhang Muliang)
Liu Xiang “I Effaced Myself” and “The Disappearance of the Subject”: A Comparison between Zhuangzi and Jean Baudrillard’s Anti-Subjectivism
Tobias Zuern Traces of the Ancients (gu zhi ji 古之跡) in the Huainanzi
Zhou Enyi The Laozi in the Light of the Philosophy of Technology 从技术哲学的视角探视“老子”
B: Qigong Robert Neville (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Zhang Muliang)
Ken Cohen Yang Sheng: Shamanic Roots, Scientific Branches
Sat Hon The Oracle, the Brush, and the Sword: The Practical Application of Daoist Alchemy
Li Juntao & Nie Qunhui Dao of Tai Chi: Chinese Spiritual Practice and Body Practice
Scott P. Phillips Cracking the Code: Taijiquan as Enlightenment Theater

SESSION 6: 14:00-15:45

A: Daoist Ritual Today Terry Kleeman (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Andrew Lambert)
David Mozina Zhima (Paper Horses) and the Production of Daoist Ritual Images in Hunan Province
Mark Meulenbeld Let the Demons Play: Daoist Exorcism and Theatrical Redemption
Michael Naparstek Re-placed Bodies: The Principle of Tishen at Work in the Daoist Kaiguang Ceremony
Sean Allen Lam Ching-ying’s Affective Capital: Taoist Ritual in Hong Kong Cinema
B: Applied Daoist Wisdom Denis Mair (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Zhang Muliang)
Lv Xichen 道家养生智慧 (Daoist Wisdom in Health Cultivation)
Lv Dongshen 道家智慧在企业管理中的应用 (Applying Daoist Wisdom in Company Management)
Xin Hongjuan 道德经在英语世界的译介:文化旅行视角(The Daode jing in the English-speaking World: Perspective of Cultural Travelling)
Yu Senlin 中国道教经籍在英语世界的译介(A General Survey on the Translations and Studies of Taoist Scriptures in the English-speaking World)
C: Michael Rinaldini Circle Walking: Moving Daoist Cultivation (Monitor: Tom Moscarillo)

SESSION 7: 16:00-17:45

A: Daoist Ethics Bassam Romaya (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Brian Loh)
Galia Dor Between the Worlds: Gateways in Ancient Daoist Thought
Guan Yinlin Ethics of the Laozi: The Guidebook for Ordinary People to Have Good Lives
Ann Pang-White Who Really Cares? The Daoist Ci and the Confucian Ren—A Comparative Analysis
B: Culture and Wisdom Michael LaFargue (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Andrew Lambert)
Zhang Yunlong Daoism as Theory and as Religion 作为思想的道家与作为宗教的道教
Miomir Arandelovic Daode jing: Ancient Immortals’ Theory of Everything
Deng Bo Femininity in the Laozi
Zhang Muliang Complementarity and Confluence in the Historical Development Process: The Intrinsic Unification of Daoism and Confucianism
C: ROUNDTABLE Women’s Practice (Monitor: )
Christina Barea Julianne Baecker, Marie Favorito, Caryn Diel

EVENING: 18:30-20:30

Banquet Dinner at Sichuan Gourmet (1004 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446)

 Saturday, 31 May 2014

SESSION 8: 9:00-10:45

A: Zhuangzi Language Alan Fox (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Brian Loh)
Robert E. Allinson Metaphor and the Zhuangzi
Roy Porat Different Layers of Ineffability in the Zhuangzi
Cristobal Serran-Pagan The Coincidence of Opposites in Thomas Merton and Zhuangzi
B: Aspects of Daoist History Lai Chitim (chair & discussant) (Monitor: )
Zhu Daxing 〈道德经〉传授仪式研究 (The Ritual Transmission of the Daode jing)
Zhang Yang 張伯端生卒與《悟真篇》成書考 (Zhang Boduan’s Life and his Wuzhen pian)
Biplop Sraman Daoist Priests and Spirit Mediums
Jacopo Scarin One Institution and Many Identities: The Tongbai gong after the Fall of the Qing
C: Michael Guen Advanced Nei Gong (Internal Power) Training Methods: A Comparison of Classical Styles (Monitor: Tom Moscarillo)

SESSION 9: 11:00-12:45

A: The Laozi in the Han Gil Raz (chair & discussant) (Monitor: )
Yuan Qing How the Laozi Became a Classic: Its Fate in the Western Han
Mark Csikszentmihalyi The Han Laozi held at Beijing University and Han readings of the Laozi
Cui Xiaojiao The Textual Transmission and Development of the Laozi in the Western Han Dynasty:In Light of the Peking University Bamboo Slip Manuscripts Laozi
Michael Puett
B: Daoism and the Military Steve Jackowicz (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Greg McCue)
Peter Lorge The Daoist Thread in Chinese Military Thought
E. Bruce Brooks The Dao/De Jing in Its Original Military Context
Marnix Wells Heguanzi—A Message for Our Times
C: Ken Cohen Hunyuan Qigong: The Healing Legacy of Daoist Hu Yaozhen (Monitor: Andrew Lambert)

SESSION 10: 14:00-15:45

A: Daoism & Prognostication Andrew Seth Meyer (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Andrew Lambert)
Denis Mair The Mother-Daughter Relation of the Earth and Fire Trigrams
Michael Harrington Daoist Hexagrams in Cheng Yi’s Yijing Commentary
Barbara Hendrischke Views on Prognostication in Early Religious Daoism
B: ROUNDTABLE Daoism Today (Monitor: )
Gil Raz Li Youkun, David Mozina, Mark Meulenbeld, Terry Kleeman
C: Aurora Barlow Traditional Daoist Qigong for Changing Tendons and Cleaning Bone Marrow (Monitor: Tom Moscarillo)

SESSION 11: 16:00-17:45

A: Daoism and Community Zhao Xiaohuan (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Howard Herscovici)
Nathan Woolley Representing Daoist Principles in the Political Actions of Individuals during the Tang and Five Dynasties
Shiga Ichiko Formation of a New Daoist Community in 19th-century Lingnan Area
Dona Cady Half the Sky: Untangling Roots to Reach the Heights of Wisdom
Sabina Knight Daoism, Deep Ecology, and Contemporary Chinese Literature
B: Daoist Psychology Jerry Alan Johnson (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Greg McCue)
Dennis Willmont A New Perspective on the Old Master
Reggie Pawle The Application of Daoism to Client Concerns in Psychotherapy
Donald Davis Daoist Practice and Human Flourishing in Positive Psychology
Andrew Lambert Daoism and Disability: alternative models of personhood and agency in disability studies
C: Jampa Mackenzie Stewart Cultivating the Elixir Field: The Dantian Revisited (Monitor: )

 Sunday, June 1, 2014

SESSION 12: 9:00-10:45

A: Zhuangzi Lifestyle Livia Kohn (chair & discussant) (Monitor:N/A)
Thomas Michael Images of Legendary Recluses in the Zhuangzi
Eske Mollgaard Zhuangzi and the Coming Community
B: Longevity Shawn Arthur (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Christina Chandler)
Mei-yen Lee Daoist Breathing and Guqin Music
Jia Jinhua The Tang Priestess-cum-Physician Hu Yin and Her Scheme of Nourishing Life
Zhao Yanxia Daoist Healthy Longevity Yangsheng and the Aging Society
C: Scott P. Phillips Conditioning Emptiness: Where Martial Arts Meet Spontaneous Luminosity (Monitor: Brian Loh)

SESSION 13: 11:00-12:45

A: Ritual in History Zhao Yanxia (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Tyler Mingalone)
Terry Kleeman Ordination Ritual in Early Daoism: What the S.203 Manuscript Can Tell Us about Daoist Communities
Zhu Yiwen A Preliminary Study on Inner Method of Taiji for Sacrificing to and Sublimating [the Souls of the Deceased] (Taiji jilian neifa) 宋元祭鍊文獻研究:以鄭思肖《太極祭鍊內法》為例
Aaron Reich Beyond Performance: An Illustrated Ritual of Investiture in Late Imperial Daoism
B: Daoism and Martial Arts David Weiss (chair & discussant) (Monitor: Greg McCue)
Steve Jackowicz The Martial Body: Chinese Medicine as a Basis of Natural Science in Chinese Martial Arts
Alex Feng Connectivity – Cosmic. Medical, and Ergonomic
Hirsh Diamant Perfection through Practice: A Requisite for Fine and Martial Arts—The Cognitive Relationship of Daoist Thought and the Arts
C: Marie Favorito Qigong for the Courageous (Monitor: Tom  Moscarillo)