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The Bilingual Learning Laboratory is proudly part of the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at Boston University! The lab is directed by Kimberly Crespo, PhD, CCC-SLP.

Our research focuses on understanding how individual differences in bilingual experience, language ability and cognition interact to shape language learning and development.

We investigate questions such as:
  • How do children and adults learn language patterns? 
  • How are the meanings of words learned and organized in monolinguals and bilinguals? 
  • How does memory and attention support language learning?
  • In what ways can we structure language input to facilitate learning in children with language disorders? 
Our goals are to:
  • Better understand the mechanisms underlying language learning
  • Develop more inclusive models of language and cognitive development
  • Improve educational strategies and clinical outcomes for children with language disorders

You can contribute to our science by participating in one of our studies or by volunteering in the lab! Contact us at cresplab@bu.edu for more information!

We are currently recruiting PhD students for Fall 2023! Application deadline is December 1, 2022. Learn more about pursuing a PhD in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at BU.