Professor Sherman’s media appearances include commenting on the Argentine Currency Crisis, the increasingly uncomfortably cozy Russian-Iranian Banking Relationship, the Attack on the U.S. Dollar, and Mexico’s Tortilla Bubble (not kidding on that last one).


You can see all of these media appearances by clicking through to his YouTube Channel here.

The U.S. Dollar: Under Attack?

Recently, the value of the U.S. dollar has declined versus other currencies such as the Euro and the Yen. Does that mean the dollar is under attack? In this online interview, Professor Sherman responds to the question -- The U.S. Dollar: Under Attack?

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Russians Bank on Iran

Why are the Russians are cozying up to Iran for more a more integrated banking relationship? Its not just to share pin codes, as Professor Sherman notes in his intriguing observations in Russians Bank on Iran.  

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Popping Mexico’s Tortilla Bubble

How are Mexican's coping with inflated tortillas--or at least inflated tortilla prices? Only Professor Sherman can find a humorous way to help understand a serious topic in Popping Mexico's Tortilla Bubble.


Argentine Pesos Are Not Worth The Paper They’re Printed On

Professor Sherman offers some blunt comment on the ongoing--or is it seemingly never-ending?--Argentine currency crisis. TEST His position is clear and he is more than ready to explain why he thinks that Argentine Pesos Are Not Worth The Paper They're Printed On.

Fellowship for Post Graduate Medicine Award: Acceptance Comments

His Forbes article, Coils to Locs: Cancer And A Life Pivot Creates A Startup, is personal to Mr. Sherman. Dianne Austin, a health care executive at a major Boston hospital center, saw cancer patients every day, never imagining she'd be one. But yet there she was, undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, More