VoiceTx: Mobile Application

VoiceTx is a flexible, user-friendly mobile application for the documentation of voice therapy. As detailed in the article in ASHA’s Perspectives from Elizabeth Heller Murray, Katherine Girouard, Gabriel Cler, and Cara Stepp entitled “Development of an Electronic Documentation System for Voice Therapy: A New Teaching and Clinical Research Tool,” the app develops a clear, standardized method of voice therapy documentation. VoiceTx allows researchers and clinicians of all levels to record information such as therapy tasks, goals, successful trials, notes, etc., from any therapy session and stores the data in a local database.  VoiceTx includes the following main features:

  • The therapy session is structured to include voice therapy hierarchies, which users may customize and alter as preferred.
  • The app provides taxonomy definitions of the standardized voice therapy nomenclature utilized in the system (Van Stan, Roy, Awan, Steple, & Hillman, 2015).
  • The electronic documentation system is paper-free, and the user may optionally send a patient’s voice therapy results via email at the end of each session.
  • The locally-stored data is accessible to the clinic for analysis within or between patients. The complete database may be compiled for large-scale analysis and future clinical research.

VoiceTx is now available in the Google Play Store. The app is free and compatible for download on all Android platforms. Due to versioning issues, VoiceTx is unfortunately not available on iOS platforms.

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