Lab Alumni

Cara Johnson is a Senior Research Technician at Boston University. She received a BS from The University of New Hampshire in Marine and Freshwater Biology, and a MS from Florida Institute of Technology in Marine Biology. She served as a fish and invertebrate biologist at various public aquariums across the US before pursuing a Master’s Degree. Her thesis research looked at the transcriptional stress responses of heat shock proteins in seahorses in China. Her current work involves the husbandry and maintenance of all living specimen and their enclosures in the Rotjan and Buston Labs, as well as assisting students in the experimental design and set up of their research. Fun facts: Cara is a former competitive Irish step dancer, loves to travel, is mom to the world’s cutest chihuahua, and is a member of a Spartan Race team (even though she dislikes running).
IMG_4322 Sasha Schuele is a member of BU’s class of 2018, graduating with a B.A. in Biology and a B.S. in Science Education. She has been interested in biology and environmentalism from an early age, and her coursework, lab work, student teaching experience, and extracurriculars revolve around science and the natural world. After seeing the diversity of life in the water column while sifting through phytoplankton during her work in the Rotjan Lab, she now works on a project reviewing deep sea footage ROV footage from recent PIPA cruises on the Okeanos and Falkor to catalog encounters with a probable coral predator. Through work with the Environmental Student Organization and the club Wizards, she often volunteers at earth-friendly causes in the Greater Boston area, and enjoys hiking and cooking in her spare time. Fun fact from Sasha: I’m an ordained minister in the state of California, so contact me if you need a marriage officiated!
EBY08A1076IMG_2307 Emma Martin,class of 2019, is majoring in Biology, specializing in Ecology and Conservation Biology, and minoring in Marine Science. She has a current UROP award. Her honors thesis project focuses on whether and how the distribution of larval deep sea and coral reef fishes in the central Pacific shift in response to ENSO events, in collaboration with Jan Witting at SEA and the Llopiz Lab at WHOI. Fun fact from Emma: I am a huge hockey fan, though I’m not quite as good at skating-Go Bruins!
Nico Colletier is an undergraduate Junior at BU. I’m majoring in Marine Science and double minoring in Environmental Analysis & Policy and Remote Sensing & GIS. He is volunteering on the Phoenix Islands Protected Area photomosaics project in the lab as part of the 100IslandsChallenge. He likes to focus on conservation and will be working on a coral reef restoration project this summer. Fun fact from Nico: In my free time, I enjoy playing sports, hiking, and being outdoors!
Jamie Dela Cruz is part of of BU’s class of 2021, majoring in biology with a specialization in cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics. Currently, she is preparing for an oxidative stress experiment on the temperate coral Astrangia poculata, in collaboration with the Rotjan Lab, John Finnerty and Sarah Davies under a current UROP award. She will then complete a wounding experiment coupled with oxidative stress on these corals to study their responses and see if there is variation among them. Fun fact from Jamie: When I’m not in the lab, I’m probably learning how to play the ukelele or hoping to see Rhett (the actual dog) on campus.
Sheehan_headshot Siobhan Sheehan just graduated from Boston University (’19) studying marine science and science education. In the Rotjan lab she is working on analyzing ROV footage from recent Phoenix Islands Protected Area cruises on the Okeanos and Falkor where we are trying to describe the feeding behavior of a novel corallivorous jellyfish in the deep sea. Siobhan is now a teacher, which is the perfect place to promote sustainability, share her love for the marine ecosystem, and train the next generation of ocean stewards.
Headshot Cutillo (2) Daniel Cutillo is an undergraduate student in the Class of 2019. He is majoring in Biology, with a specialization in Cellular, Molecular, and Genetics. While most interested in evolutionary biology, Daniel is fascinated by the cellular and genomic underpinnings that diversify all life, including life in the ocean. When he’s not being a scientist, he’s being a soldier, and is part of the Army ROTC Charles River Battalion here at BU. Fun fact: Daniel is an Airborne Qualified Paratrooper and has experience jumping out of military aircraft.
Courtney Moller is an undergraduate student in the class of 2020. She is majoring in Biology and working towards someday becoming a Clinical Pharmacist. In the lab, Courtney is currently working on sorting the 2018 plankton samples from the Phoenix Islands Protected Area. Fun fact about Courtney: When she’s not in the lab, she is also heavily involved in theatre at BU!
Roseline Ewa is a senior majoring in Marine Science and minoring in Sociology. She is on the plankton sorting team. She is interested in increasing socioeconomic and racial diversity in STEM fields and bringing scientific issues to the public through outreach. In the future, Rose hopes to look into the ways social and environmental issues are linked and how these problems affect everyday people in society.
Julia Winberg is an undergraduate in the Class of 2019. She is majoring in Advertising and has a concentration in Marine Science. She is volunteering on the Phoenix Islands Protected Area photomosaics project in the lab as part of the 100IslandsChallenge. Fun facts from Julia: She is from Block Island, a small island off the coast of Rhode Island, which is where her love for the ocean began as a baby. When not in class, you can find her in Agganis Arena interning for BU Men’s Hockey or watching a documentary about the ocean (or Finding Nemo).
Chloe Brown Chloe Brown is an undergraduate in the Class of 2020, majoring in Marine Science and minoring in Biology. Chloe works on multiple projects in the Rotjan Lab with her nickname “the everything girl” but is currently working on a coral reef internship in Roatan (she’ll be back on campus in September). A fun fact about Chloe is that she once pet a penguin and found it fluffier than her hyper Siberian Husky, Kona.
Caterina (Micat) Po is an undergraduate student majoring in Earth and Environmental Science, with a focus on Ecology. She is an international student from the Philippines and is fascinated by tropical ecosystems. In the lab, she will be working on the newly-collected 2018 plankton samples from the Phoenix Islands Protected Area. In her spare time, Micat loves rock climbing, snorkeling, and exploring nature. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to marine conservation back home in a meaningful way.