Courses Taught:

  • BI 523: Marine Urban Ecology*
  • BI 539: Coral Reef Dynamics (Taught in Belize)
  • BI 260: Marine Biology
  • BI 303: Evolutionary Ecology

*Note: Marine Urban Ecology uses the twitter hashtag #MURBEX, short for Marine Urban Ecology Explorers. Follow us on Twitter.

Teaching news:

We have a new December 2022 paper that features students from Coral Reef Dynamics in 2019, and has a very diverse set of co-authors including  1) All undergraduates enrolled in the course, 2) Five BU Biology PhD students that span 5 different laboratories: Nick Ray, Tina Barbasch, Katey Lesneski, Brian Kennedy and Karina Lord Scavo (Fulweiler, Buston, Finnerty, Rotjan, Kaufman Labs), 3) A BU Biology masters student: Anjali Bhardwaj (Buston Lab) and 4) Two of our Belizean colleagues – Josh Morey and Javon Torres. As such, this paper is a true product of BUMP, and embodies a lot of what we hope to accomplish with our courses. This paper was published open access to make the paper much more accessible to our Belizean colleagues, and to showcase and strengthen our partnership with the University of Belize. Open access fees were very generously supported by the BU Marine Program. https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rspb.2022.1431

Both Marine Urban Ecology (#Murbex) and Coral Reef Dynamics (#CRD) were featured in the 35th BU Marine Semester Anniversary Video!

BU’s Marine Semester Marks 35th Anniversary

A BI 260 (Marine Biology) course assignment was featured by a Wikipedia blog (Wiki.Edu) in December 2019!

BI 260 and BI 303 are now BU-HUB approved  and appear in the BU HUB promo video (below):

Marine Urban Ecology was featured in BU Today on October 23, 2018,  which was also featured as one of BU’s most memorable moments of 2018!

#Murbex 2018 aboard the Tara, in Boston








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