Courses Taught:

  • BI 523: Marine Urban Ecology*
  • BI 539: Coral Reef Dynamics (Taught in Belize)
  • BI 260: Marine Biology
  • BI 303: Evolutionary Ecology

*Note: Marine Urban Ecology uses the twitter hashtag #MURBEX, short for Marine Urban Ecology Explorers. Follow us on Twitter.

Teaching news:

Both Marine Urban Ecology (#Murbex) and Coral Reef Dynamics (#CRD) were featured in the 35th BU Marine Semester Anniversary Video!

BU’s Marine Semester Marks 35th Anniversary

A BI 260 (Marine Biology) course assignment was featured by a Wikipedia blog (Wiki.Edu) in December 2019!

BI 260 and BI 303 are now BU-HUB approved  and appear in the BU HUB promo video (below):

Marine Urban Ecology was featured in BU Today on October 23, 2018,  which was also featured as one of BU’s most memorable moments of 2018!

#Murbex 2018 aboard the Tara, in Boston








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