Become A Mentee

Learn the secret survival techniques of the physics department from someone who’s been there! As a mentee, you get an upperclassman physics student mentor as a confidant(e) and buddy, there to answer all your questions and to share their experiences as a physics major.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentee, please fill out the mentee questionnaire

Mentee Questionnaire 2020-2021

and feel free to contact us at! Open to freshman or sophomore physics majors (or those interested in physics) who have not yet participated in PRISM.
Mentee Testimonials

Names are not attached to quotes to preserve confidentiality.

  • “My mentor has been really helpful and nice! I’m very glad I signed up for this program.”
  • “It’s definitely helped. Knowing what actually goes on in Physics at BU instead of what the website or official department policies say is comforting. I get a student’s perspective and that is more relatable.”
  • “The program helps me organize my ideas and goals in Physics and gives me paths to follow them. It also really helps bonding with a physics student, someone who has already gone through all the problems that I am having now.”
  • “It has allowed me to ask questions to someone I was more comfortable with compared to a professor or adviser.”
  • “I know more about how the physics community here and can put my current classroom challenges in context, both of which help me feel more okay with my current experiences here.”