Interested in joining the lab?

If you are a current BU student (undergraduate or graduate) interested in getting involved in the lab, please send Dr. Chang an email with a copy of your CV/résumé, a summary of relevant coursework (e.g., an unofficial transcript), and a short statement about your interests in linguistics (especially as regards the research foci of the lab: phonetics, language acquisition, and multilingualism).

BU students can join the lab as a research assistant on a volunteer basis or (for undergraduates) through the BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). If interested in UROP, note the early application deadlines! Participation through UROP may be for academic credit or a stipend (but not both).

BU graduate students can conduct thesis research in the lab. If you have an idea for a thesis project that might benefit from lab resources, please meet with Dr. Chang to tell him more about your proposed project.