ARC-Funded Projects

Nudging  Smokers with Schizophrenia to Quit through Engagement in Daily Activities: Testing the Feasibility of a Smartphone-based Behavioral Activation Intervention Co-PI and lead: Daniel Fulford Co-PI: Belinda Borrelli Co-I Kim Mueser Mobile Health App to Minimize Opioid Use and Pain among Surgical Patients PI and lead: John Otis Co-PI: Tibor Palfai Co-I: Chadi Tannoury
Integrating smoking cessation into dental visits using mobile health PI: Belinda Borrelli Development of an mHealth system for lifestyle changes among breast cancer survivors from underserved populations PI: Lisa Quintiliani
Using mobile technology to address barriers to quitting cigarettes among hospitalized smokers with opioid use disordersPI: Hasmeena Kathuria Co-I Belinda Borrelli Addressing hazardous drinking and chronic pain with web-based intervention and coaching in primary care PI: Tibor Palfai
Using Facebook to deliver a smoking cessation intervention to disabled adults PI: Belinda Borrelli

ARC Affiliated Projects

Interactive parent-targeted text messaging in pediatric clinics to reduce ECC Lead Co-PI: Belinda Borrelli Co-PI: Michelle Henshaw Secondary prevention of atrial fibrillation randomized pilot studyPI: Robert Helm
Mobile app to enhance well-being and encourage cessationPI: Belinda Borrelli NeXT-Framingham novel exam using technologyPI: Joanne Murabito
Mobile app to increase physical activity in people with knee osteoarthritis and comorbidities PI: Deepak Kumar Delivery of a smoking cessation induction intervention via virtual reality headset during a dental cleaning PI: Belinda Borrelli
Digital weight management among public  housing residents PI: Lisa Quintiliani Pilot test of an mHealth intervention for healthy eating and physical activity among veterans PI: Lisa Quintiliani
Identifying and correcting misinformation and misuse of antibiotics and AMR through social media interventions PIs: Walker/Groshek/Borrelli Photo-enhanced messages to reduce dietary sugars for oral healthPI: Brenda Heaton & Lisa Quintiliani
Internet-based videoconferencing to address alcohol use and pain among heavy drinkers in HIV-care PI: Tibor Palfai