Evaluation of Access Accelerated

Boston University (BU) is developing and applying an integrated Metrics Framework to support Access Accelerated, a first-of-its-kind collaboration focused on improving care for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). BU will help monitor progress, measure achievements, and identify opportunities to improve programs that promote access to NCD care and prevention. This Framework builds on prior experience generated with the evaluation of the Novartis Access Program.

What is unique about this initiative?

  • BU will develop the first common framework for rigorously measuring and evaluating programs to improve access to NCD prevention and care. Each framework is tailored to the specific access strategy and includes description of barriers, logic model, and indicators.
  • BU will support novel, standardized measurements across access to NCD care and prevention programs. When possible this will include the capture of routinely collected project management data.
  • BU will independently and transparently report on progress of access to NCD care and prevention by programs under Access Accelerated.
  • All aspects of this initiative will be transparent and posted to the Public Domain so that others can use the same methods and indicators to build knowledge of what works and does not work to address NCDs in Low and Middle-Income Countries.