Author: Kyren Wong

Censoring the Media – the Importance of Content Moderation, is it Inevitable?

The Case of Tumblr As of December 17th, the popular social networking site, Tumblr, will ban adult content. This very factor was once a driving factor to why so many gravitated to the site. Two arguments came to light during this announcement (1) that Tumblr was cracking down on pornographic content (2) that Tumblr was […]

Does Infomediation and Vertical Integration Shape Network Types?

1.0: Introduction The following assignment will evaluate social networks, and will specifically look at the hashtag Immigration via the platform Twitter. We can assess the visualized network through three key elements: (1) color nodes that identify certain communities within a given topic, (2) size nodes that tell the prominence of said conversations, (3) how the […]