Information on Graduate Students and Alumni

Current Graduate students

  • U. Ghani, Machine Learning for Computational Imaging, Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE Department, In Progress.

Former students I have been involved with:

  • L. Eger, “Enhanced Information Extraction in Multi-Energy X-Ray Tomography for Security,” Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE Department, 2014.
  • Z. Sun, “Reduced and Coded Sensing Methods for X-ray Based Security,” Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE Department, 2016.
  • A. Tuysuzoglu, “Robust Inversion and Detection Techniques for Improved Imaging Performance,” Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE Department, 2014. Currently with Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ.
  • B. Abanoz, “Super-resolution Optical Reconstruction for VLSI Device Fault Determination,” Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE Department, In progress
  • Seema Jaggi, MS, “Estimation of Dynamically Evolving Ellipsoids with Applications to Cardiac Imaging,” 1992, co-advised with Alan Willsky. Currently at Boston Consulting Group, Boston, MA
  • Lori Belcastro, MS, Tomographic Reconstruction of Polygons from Knot Locations and Chord Length Measurements,” co-advised with Alan Willsky, 1993. Currently at McKinsey & Co. London, UK
  • Peyman Milanfar, PhD, “Geometric Aspects of Tomographic Signal Processing,” co-advised with Alan Willsky, 1993. Currently Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; University of California Santa Cruz
  • Mickey Bhatia, PhD, “Multiresolution Methods for Tomographic Reconstruction,” co-advised with Alan Willsky, 1994. Currently with J.P. Morgan.
  • Henry Wexler, MS, “The Effects of Microscanning on Infrared Image Aliasing and Spatial Resolution,” 1995.
  • Trey Ideker, MS, “Offset Correction Techniques for Imaging Sensors Using Random Dither Information,” 1995.
  • Ray Chan, MS, “Quantification of Coronary Artery Disease via Coronary Angiography,”  co-advised with Dr. Robert Lees,1996. Currently with Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Rob Stadler, PhD, “Early Detection and Monitoring of Atherosclerosis Through Non-Invasive Evaluation of Endothelial Function,” co-advised with Dr. Robert Lees, 1996. Currently with Medtronic Inc.
  • Austin Frakt, MS, “Multiresolution Approaches to the Detection and Localization of Anomalies in Tomographic Data,” co-advised with Alan Willsky, 1996.
  • Seema Jaggi, PhD, “Multiscale Estimation of Object Shape,” co-advised with Alan Willsky, 1997. Currently with Boston Consulting Group, Boston MA.
  • Mohammed Saeed, MS, “Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of Mixture Models and its Application to Image Segmentation,” co-advised with Truong Nguyen, 1997. Currently a PhD candidate at MIT.
  • Michael Bosse, MS, “A Vision Augmented Navigation System for an Autonomous Helicopter,” 1997. Currently a PhD Candidate at MIT.
  • Matt Emerson, MS, “Statistical Feature Extraction for Early Diagnosis,” 1998. Currently at Alphatech Inc.
  • Nitin Aggarwal, MS, “A Statistically-based Approach for Enhanced Line Detection in Imagery,” 1999. Currently a PhD candidate at UIUC.
  • John Kaufhold, PhD, “Efficient Statistical Methods for the Segmentation of MRI Images of the Brain,” 2000. Currently with GE Corporate Reseach and Development.
  • Mujdat Cetin, PhD, “A Statistical Tomographic Approach to Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal Processing,” 2001. Currently a Faculty Member at Sabanci University.
  • Ray Chan, PhD, “Non-Invasive Ultrasound Monitoring of Regional Carotid Wall Structure and Deformation in Atherosclerosis,” co-advised with Dr. Robert Lees, 2001. Currently with Philips Medical Systemsl.
  • Lei Zhao, PhD, “Dynamically Adaptive Hyperpolarized Nobel Gas MRI,” 1999.
  • Farzad Kamalabadi, PhD, “Spaced-Based Ionospheric Tomography using Extreme Ultraviolet Emissions,” co-advised with Supriya Chakrabarti, 2000. Currently an Associate Professor at UIUC.
  • William Hoge, PhD, “An Adaptive Signal Processing Approach to Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging,: co-advised with Eric Miller, 2001. Currently with Brigham and Womens Hospital
  • Haihua Feng, PhD, “Image Reconstruction using Ibject-Based Regularization and Tomographic Flows,” co-advised with David Castanon, 2002. Currently with The Mathworks Inc.
  • Bob Weisenseel, PhD, “Exploiting Shared Image Structure Fusion in Multi-Modality Data Inversion for Atherosclerotic Plaque Characterization,” 2004, Currently with Scientific Systems.
  • Yonggang Shi PhD, “Object-Based Dynamic Imaging with Level-Set Methods,” 2005. Currently with LONI at UCLA.
  • Andrew Litvin PhD, “Statistical shape and appearance models for segmentation and classification,” 2006. Currently with Analogic.
  • Julia Pavlovich, PhD, “Reconstruction problems in optical  diffusion tomography,” 2007. Currently with Analogic.
  • Brynmor Davis PhD, “Analysis of Multi-Channel Microscopy: Spectral Self-Interference, Multi-Detector Confocal, and 4pi Systems,” 2006. Currently at UIUC.
  • Zhuang Li Liang, PhD, “Artifact Reduction in Cardiac MDCT,” 2008. Currently at UCLA.
  • B. Orten, “Exploitation of sensing structure in high-dimensional decision making motivated by computed tomography,” Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE Department, July, 2011.
  • S. Ambwani, “Advanced Image Processing in Cardiac PET/CT to Enhance Early Detection of Coronary Artery Diseases,” Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE Department, September, 2011. Currently at General Electric Healthcare.
  • I. Stojanovic, “Sparse Reconstruction in monostatic and multistatic SAR,” Doctoral thesis, BU, ECE. Currently at Scientific Systems Inc.

Prospective students

If you share my research interests, and have a strong engineering background, I recommend that you apply to our graduate program. Please do not send me emails with your resume; we only consider students that submit a full application.