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Synaptic and circuit functions of multitransmitter neurons in the mammalian brain
Wallace ML and Sabatini BL (Review)
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Co-packaging of opposing neurotransmitters in individual synaptic vesicles in the central nervous system
Kim SA, Wallace ML, El-Rafai M, Knudsen AR, Sabatini BL.
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Anatomical and single-cell transcriptional profiling of the murine habenular complex
Wallace ML, Huang KW, Hochbaum DR, Hyun M, Radeljic G, Sabatini BL.
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Ube3a loss increases excitability and blunts orientation tuning in the visual cortex of Angelman syndrome model mice
Wallace ML, van Woerden GM, Elgersma Y, Smith SL, Philpot BD.
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Genetically Distinct Parallel Pathways in the Entopeduncular Nucleus for Limbic and Sensorimotor Output of the Basal Ganglia
Wallace ML, Saunders A, Huang KW, Philson AC, Goldman M, Macosko EZ, McCarroll SA, Sabatini BL.
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Multi-transmitter neurons in the mammalian central nervous system
Granger AJ, Wallace ML, Sabatini BL. (Review)
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GABAergic Neuron-Specific Loss of Ube3a Causes Angelman Syndrome-Like EEG Abnormalities and Enhances Seizure Susceptibility
Judson MC*, Wallace ML*, Sidorov MS, Burette AC, Gu B, van Woerden GM, King IF, Han JE, Zylka MJ, Elgersma Y, Weinberg RJ, Philpot BD.
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Snx14 regulates neuronal excitability, promotes synaptic transmission, and is imprinted in the brain of mice.
Huang HS, Yoon BJ, Brooks S, Bakal R, Berrios J, Larsen RS, Wallace ML, Han JE, Chung EH, Zylka MJ, Philpot BD.
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Structure, function, and cortical representation of the rat submandibular whisker trident.
Thé L*, Wallace ML*, Chen CH*, Chorev E*, Brecht M.
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Maternal loss of Ube3a produces an excitatory/inhibitory imbalance through neuron type-specific synaptic defects.
Wallace ML, Burette AC, Weinberg RJ, Philpot BD.
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