Sam Ling

Assistant Professor
Director, Visual Neuroscience Laboratory
677 Beacon Street, Rm 311
Vanderbilt University (Postdoc)
New York University (Ph.D.)
Pennsylvania State University (M.S.)

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Representative Publications:

Kietzmann, T.C., Poltoratski, S., König, P., Blake, R., Tong, F. & Ling, S. (2015) The occipital face area is causally involved in facial viewpoint perception. Journal of Neuroscience. 35(50), 16398-16403.

Ling, S., Pratte, M.S. & Tong, F. (2015). Attention alters orientation processing in the human lateral geniculate nucleus. Nature Neuroscience. 18, 496–498.

Jehee, J.F.M, Ling, S., Swisher, J., van Bergen, R., and Tong, F. (2012) Perceptual learning selectively refines orientation representations in early visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience. 32(47), 16747–16753.

Ling, S. & Blake, R. (2012). Normalization regulates competition for visual awareness. Neuron. 75, 533–542.

Ling, S., Pearson, J. & Blake, R. (2009). Dissociation of neural mechanisms underlying orientation processing in humans. Current Biology. 19(17), 1458-1462.

Ling, S., Liu, T. & Carrasco, M. (2009). How spatial and feature-based attention affect the gain and tuning of population responses. Vision Research. 49, 1194-1204.

Ling, S. & Carrasco, M. (2006). When sustained attention impairs perception. Nature Neuroscience. 9, 1243- 1245.

Phelps, E., Ling, S. & Carrasco, M. (2006). Emotion facilitates perception and boosts the perceptual benefits of attention. Psychological Science. 17(4), 292-299.

Carrasco, M., Ling, S. & Read, S. (2004). Attention alters appearance. Nature Neuroscience. 7, 308-313.