About Us

The purpose of UMOJA: Boston University Black Student Union is to create a healthy environment for Black students and all individuals who are interested in Black culture, which actively unites students, staff and alumni by providing pertinent educational, social, and community outreach programming and to provide the community with honest, trustworthy, and transparent leadership that is adaptive, relevant, receptive to the needs and desires of the general body.

UMOJA is committed to supporting Black students in the areas of academics, community service, socialization and career/future goals. By existing and by acting as an outlet for the talents and abilities of Black students, UMOJA also sets out to educate the greater Boston University community on some of the aspects of the Black experience. It shall be the goal of UMOJA to increase the retention rate of Black students at Boston University. UMOJA shall set forth to see that Black students who come to Boston University graduate successfully according to each student’s own standard.

Kwanzaa 2013(cropped)