The Translational Research Program at Boston University, directed by Dr. Michael Otto, investigates a range of clinical disorders including anxiety, mood, and substance use disorders. Our work spans from examining the etiology and risk factors for these disorders to the development and augmentation of relevant treatments. We are particularly interested in translating findings from basic research (e.g., physiological measures in fear conditioning paradigms) to applied clinical research. Our lab frequently focuses on several underlying processes that impact behavior change, treatment adherence and outcome, and overall-well being; some of these processes include anxiety sensitivity, self-control, working memory, and memory reconsolidation. Additionally, many of our projects have focused on treatment resistant and/or disproportionately at risk (e.g. low socioeconomic status) populations.

We are currently recruiting for several studies! Check out the Participate in a Study link above for more information or click here.

The Translational Research Program is excited to announce our upcoming webinar with SOBC (Science of Behavior Change). The webinar is titled Mechanistic Targets for Intervening with Racial Disparities: Focus on Race-Related Stressors, Health Literacy & Physician-Patient Interactions.” You’ll get to hear from three amazing speakers: Lisa A. Cooper, Gilbert C. Gee. and Dean Schillinger. Please join us on Friday, February 24th, from 2:00 to 4:30 PM EST, and you can register for the event using this link.


Dr. Otto was honored with the following awards in 2019:

  • The Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award from the American Psychological Association, which
  • recognizes higher education faculty who have inspired their former students to achieve greatness
    The 2019 Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Clinical Psychology award from APA Division 12