Center for Clinical Translational Epidemiology and Comparative Effectiveness Research


Mission: To provide data infrastructure, methodological expertise and statistical support to clinicians and researchers committed to translating discoveries in basic science research and preclinical studies to trials and studies in humans (translational epidemiology) and comparative effectiveness research, to identify clinical and public health interventions that work best for improving health.

To achieve this mission, TEC provides aggregation of clinical- and population-based human cohort data using epidemiological principles and collaborates with clinicians and researchers within Boston University School of Medicine, Boston Medical Center, Boston University School of Public Health, its affiliated research centers and external collaborators from academia and industry.

Vision: A sustainable, collaborative and diverse research center maximizing research competencies through innovation, education and superior data quality.

Principles of collaboration and research: At TEC, we create collaborations with shared goals and research interests along with relying on and leveraging primary and secondary data resources. To achieve high quality and high impact research, experts are part of the research team from study conception; a change from designing for users to one of designing with users.