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We are always looking for thoughtful, creative researchers to join our team as students!

Please read this page completely before sending Prof. Sabelhaus an email. To join us:

Current Students at Boston University

Log in here to see guidance.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Our lab is not taking postdoctoral researchers at this time. We will update this page when opportunities become available.

Ph.D. Applicants

Please apply to Boston University’s Ph.D. programs in Mechanical Engineering or Systems Engineering. Be sure to list Prof. Sabelhaus as one of your Faculty Interests on the application.

We do not discuss applications over email until they have been submitted and reviewed.

Availability of openings: BU’s College of Engineering admits students in cohorts as part of a rotation program, so prospective students should be interested in multiple faculty members before applying. The SRC Lab’s openings are part of this process, which we discuss internally with the department. We will consider all applicants each year, and the number of openings will vary based on the applicant pool. Please apply to be considered!

Please avoid unsolicited emails. I do not respond to generic email requests. If you send an email before submitting your application, that usually means you didn’t read this website, which is not a good look. My hope is that you’re looking carefully at prospective advisors before applying to grad school. If you do message Prof. Sabelhaus, please mention that you read this guidance, and suggest a reason for your message. I’ll keep an eye out for special situations.

How to get noticed: We are glad that you are excited about joining our group. Submitting a high-quality application to BU’s PhD program is the best way to join us.

How to write a great application: Talk about why you want to come to BU, and why you would like to join our group among others. Why do you want to get a PhD, instead of a master’s degree? What would you like to do in your career after you graduate?

Our lab is less interested in your technical expertise – instead, show us evidence like: overcoming challenges, your organizational and teamwork skills, motivation to work in mechanical/systems engineering or robotics, creativity, compassion, dedication to making the world a better place for others, leadership, or self-reflection.

Master’s Students

Our lab is not taking master’s students for thesis research at this time.

Undergraduate Students

We are only able to accept current BU undergraduates as researchers at this time. Please log in here for more information.