Hybrid Conference

In concern for the health and safety of the RUME community, the 2022 RUME conference will be held as a hybrid conference. This means that there will be an option for everyone to attend and/or present either in-person in Boston or virtually from wherever they are located.

In-person attendance
If you are choosing to attend RUME 2022 in-person, not much changes from years past. If you haven’t registered yet, please go to the Eventbrite Registration page and register for the conference. You should also reserve your room at the Revere at the link found here. You have until February 7, 2022 to register and receive the Early Registration rates.

Virtual attendance
If you are choosing to attend RUME 2022 virtually, then your conference experience will happen on Gather. If you are unfamiliar with the Gather virtual space, I encourage you to go to www.gather.town and explore the medium. We will have the physical conference space recreated (at least in spirit, and not in exact floor plan) in the virtual space. You can attend any of the conference presentations virtually in real time.

If you haven’t registered yet, and are attending virtually, you can go to the Eventbrite Registration page and register for the conference. The virtual registration rate will be $150. If you have already registered for the in-person conference, and would like to switch to a virtual registration, then we have options for you. Sam Cook will be in touch with everyone who has registered already with the question of whether you want to switch to a virtual registration. If you do, you can reply to Sam and he will switch the registration option. At that point, you will have the option to get a partial refund for the difference in registration costs, or to donate the difference to RUME to help with the costs. Please note that the last day to switch your registration from in-person to virtual and receive a refund will be February 7, 2022. You can switch after that date, but we will not be able to offer a refund on the registration rate.

Presenting at the conference
We will be using Zoom to stream every paper presentation this year. So, you can present your paper from anywhere you are located. If you have an accepted poster at RUME 2022, you will have the option of presenting either virtually or in-person. Please note that for posters, you have to choose one of these options. We will be running an in-person poster session for poster presenters who are attending in-person. We will be running a separate virtual poster session for people who are attending virtually.

Please note that at least one author from every accepted paper and presentation will need to be registered (either in-person or virtually) by January 31, 2022. Also, every accepted paper and poster will have to be presented (either in-person or virtually) for it to be included in the RUME 2022 proceedings.