Group Members

Graduate Students



Anubhab Haldar

Effective modeling of plasmons and light-matter interactions in low-dimensional systems
Fan of Monster Mango Loco and poking at compute kernels.

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Giacomo Nagaro

 Understanding the electronic structure of biologically-inspired nanomaterials.

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 Jing Trerayapiwat

 Understanding electron spins in sp3 defected carbon nanotube
 I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning

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L. Nambi Mohanam

Investigation of electron transport in bio-inspired supramolecular structures.

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  • Dr. Aliya Mukazhanova: PhD student, now at Pledge Therapeutics
  • Dr. Tianlun (Allan) Huang: PhD student, now senior data scientist at UBS
  • Dr. D. Kirk Lewis: PhD student and postdoctoral fellow, now research scientist at Everon24
  • Dr. Mohammad Aleghemandi: Research scientist, now research scientist at Everon24
  • Dr. Mila Adamska: Postdoctoral fellow, now at University of Padova
  • Vivian Pazmany: Undergraduate research/senior thesis, now at RF Corporation