The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body for students at BU Law. The SGA is responsible for planning school-wide events, advocating on behalf of students, and allocating student activity fees funds to student groups. The SGA office is located on the ground floor of the law tower in the lobby.

Student Government Association                                    E-mail: sgalaw@bu.edu
Boston University School of Law                                      Facebook: BU LAW SGA
765 Commonwealth Avenue                                               Instagram: @bulawsga
Boston, MA 02215

SGA E-Board 

President | Jessica Martinez (she/her) | jessmtnz@bu.edu

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Martinez, and I am your President. I am orginally from Hialeah, Florida. I graduated from University of Florida with a degree in Political Science and Public Relations in 2022. Moving to Boston, was my first time living outside of Florida, but I quickly fell in love with Boston and the seasons. I am interested in Intellectual Property Law and White Collar Crime. I joined SGA because I want to play a role in building community at the tower. I want to make sure that BU Law feels like home to everybody the way it does for me. Besides being a member of SGA, I am also a member of the BU/MIT Student Innovations Law Clinic, a 2L editor for the Journal of Science and Technology, and a Lawyering Fellow. I am also part of the Women of Color Collaborative, First-Generation Professionals, and Latin American Law Student Association.

Vice President | Colin Cormier (he/him) | colcorm@bu.edu

Hello friends! My name is Colin Cormier, and I am your Vice President. I am originally from Beaumont, TX, home of the world’s largest working fire hydrant. I finished my undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Linguistics at Boston University, so I know a ton of great places to eat and have fun in and around Boston. I am interested in Intellectual Property Law, particularly in how it applies to generative A.I. Besides being a member of SGA, I am also a part of other organizations such as OutLaw, BU Law Softball, the BU Journal of Science and Technology, and the Boston University Figure Skating Team. I chose to run for SGA because I hold a deep affection both Boston University and for every individual met during my time at BU Law and am committed to ensuring their journey towards becoming lawyers is as fun an stress free as.

Treasurer | Victor Lobo (he/him) | vrolobo@bu.edu

Hi! My name is Victor Lobo and I am your Treasurer. I’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and NYC, but I’m originally from Brazil. I finished my Political Science major at the University of South Florida and, after a year-long break, came up here to Boston. Right now, I’m interested in everything from Health Law to Crossborder/International Transactional Law, and am more than willing to talk about any of these areas. Aside from SGA, I’m also a member of LALSA, OutLaw, FGP, the Compliance Policy Clinic, and the Corporate Externship. You can also find me adding new spots to my “Boston Restaurant Reconmendations” list or just simply exploring the city!

Secretary | Cristina Palazzese (she/her) | palazz@bu.edu

Hi everyone! My name is Cristina Palazzese and I am your Secretary. I was born and raised in South Florida. I also attended the University of Florida where I earned my degree in Psychology. I am interested in Corporate law and Technology law. I absolutely love Boston, but will be returning to Miami to work at a law firm next summer. Outside of SGA, I am also a member of WLA, IPLS, and the BU Journal of Science and Technology. I chose to be a part of SGA because I love BU and having a sense of community here made all the difference in my experience as a 1L.


SGA Office Hours:

Jessica Martinez, President: Wednesday 2PM – 3PM  

Colin Cormier, Vice President: Wednesday 10AM – 12PM 

Victor Lobo, Treasurer: Thursday 11AM – 12PM

Cristina Palazzese, Secretary: Monday 2PM – 3PM

If these times don’t work for you and you would like to meet with an SGA member, please email sgalaw@bu.edu to book an appointment.