Thursday: November 13th, 2014 Conference

5 PM

MAYORS ROUNDTABLE: A Discussion with Mayors of Leading Coastal Cities U.S. and international elected officials will discuss how they are overcoming challenges – from resource constraints to competing priorities and constituent skepticism – to adapt coastal cities to meet 21st century environmental threats.

  • Martin Walsh, Mayor of Boston, MA
  • Christian Bollwage, Mayor of Elizabeth, NJ
  • Arron Wood, City Councillor, Melbourne, Australia
  • Moderator: Bob Oakes, Host, Morning Edition, WBUR

Friday: November 14th, 2014 Conference

9:00 AM


  • Graham Wilson, Co-Director, Initiative on Cities, Boston University
  • Robert Brown, President, Boston University

9:15 AM

THE SCIENCE OF SEA LEVEL RISE AND CLIMATE CHANGE Leading Climate Scientists will discuss the threats facing coastal cities, from rare catastrophic events to gradual sea level rise.

  • Anthony Janetos, Director of Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future


  • Josh Willis, Project Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
  • Erika Spanger-Siegfried, Senior Analyst, Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Scott Doney, Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Moderator: Nathan Phillips, Professor of Earth and Environment, Boston University

10:45 AM


11 AM

HOW CITIES ARE ADAPTING TO RISING SEAS AND SHIFTING COASTLINES Public sector officials will provide insight on the practical mechanisms cities and government agencies are deploying to help urban areas combat and adapt to climate change, including regulatory enhancements, public education, open data platforms, and design improvements.

  • Richard Stearns, Judge, U.S. District Court, State of Massachusetts


  • Brian Swett, Chief of Energy, Environment & Open Space, City of Boston
  • David Uschold, Historical Landscape Architect, U.S. National Park Service
  • Maria Jaakkola, Head of the Environmental Office, City Planning Department, Helsinki Finland
  • Hermes Redi, Chief Executive, Consorzio Venezia Nuova, Venice, Italy
  • Moderator: Daniel Bluestone, Director of Preservation Studies, Boston University

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

DESIGN INNOVATIONS AND RISK MITIGATION STRATEGIES FROM THE PRIVATE SECTOR Leading designers, developers and risk managers will discuss innovative design interventions and risk mitigation strategies for combating sea level rise in heavily populated urban centers.

  • Bryan Koop, Senior Vice President, Boston Properties
  • Jason Hellendrung, Principal, Sasaki Associates
  • Lindene Patton, Former Chief Climate Product Officer for Zurich Insurance Group
  • Moderator: Paul McManus, Senior Lecturer, Strategy and Innovation, Boston University School of Management

2:30 PM

INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS, SHARED MISSIONSA multi-discipline panel will discuss how research institutions, and particularly universities, can collaborate with outside partners such as federal, state and local governments to identify the most fertile technologies and strategies for combating sea level rise and shifting coast lines.

  • Bud Ris, Former President and CEO, New England Aquarium and Former CEO, Union of Concerned Scientists


  • Gloria Waters, Vice President and Associate Provost of Research, Boston University
  • Joan Fitzgerald, Director of the Law and Public Policy Program, Northeastern University
  • Andrew Rosenberg, Director, Center for Science and Democracy, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Moderator: Lucy Hutyra, Professor of Earth and Environment, Boston University

4 PM


  • David Abel, Environmental Reporter for The Boston Globe

4:30 PM


This event is being co-sponsored by the Initiative on Cities at Boston University and The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future.