The SciCommers Network

SciCommers is a community of scientists and engineers that includes faculty, post docs, graduate students, and undergrads dedicated to engaging the public through better science communication.

SciCommers is hosted by the BU College of Communication and open to all scientists and engineers seeking to communicate for greater understanding. Join us.


SciCommers offers several initiatives to help scientists and engineers connect with each other, develop science communication-related skills, and advance their careers.

  • Slack Channels: Our multiple Slack channels for SciCommers facilitate the sharing of advice, resources and documents among the community. Channels are denoted by a hashtag and their name.
  • SciCommers Writers Program: Our Writers Program allows scientists to practice pitching their ideas and receive feedback on their writing and editing. We also help get the content in the hands of editors who may publish the work. More than 100 SciCommers have used this program to get published outside academia. Check out Matt Wilkins’s piece in Scientific American or Hannah Thomasy’s piece in NPR’s The Salt.
  • Mentor Chats: Our Mentor Chat series brings in experts to video chat with SciCommers. So far we have explored topics such as freelance science writing, starting a diversity and inclusion group on academic campuses, science outreach, science podcasting, science outreach, and more. The chats are recorded and are usually accompanied by resources following the chat.


We’re happy to work with many collaborators to help improve science communication worldwide. Email to inquire.


We’re grateful for the financial support of the Rita Allen Foundation and the Burroughs Welcome Fund.

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