About the Study

The ROAD Ahead Study focuses on high school students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who will graduate high school with a diploma. Over the next 4 years, we will conduct: 

  • Focus groups and an online survey with school personnel to better understand the interventions and support provided to these students
  • A short-term longitudinal study with parents and students with ASD to identify the predictors of optimal post-school outcomes.

Primary goals of the study

  1. Understand the interventions and supports that parents and special educators use to teach students with ASD how to manage the responsibilities of adulthood
  2. Identify factors that predict optimal post-school outcomes for this population, focusing on the ability to self-manage the responsibilities of adulthood

Now recruiting: Parents and High School Seniors on the Autism Spectrum Throughout New England!

Who: Parents or legal guardians and high school students with autism who are in their last year of high school and who will graduate with a regular high school diploma.

What: Parents will complete online and mailed surveys and a brief phone interview at two time points separated by 18 months. Youth will complete separate online and mailed surveys. Participation should take 30-60 minutes at each time point.

When and Where: From your home, at a time convenient for you.

Parents will receive a $25 gift card and youth will receive a $15 gift card at each time point.

This research is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

For more information please contact us at buroad@bu.edu or (617) 353-2060.