Prof. Siddharth Ramachandran (Principal Investigator)

Siddharth ProfileBTech. 1991: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
MS 1993: University of Wisconsin, Madison
PhD 1998: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

1998 – 2001: 
Bell Laboratories
2001 – 2009: 
OFS Laboratories
2010 – 2013: 
Associate Professor (with Tenure), Boston University
2013 – present: 
Professor, Boston University
2022 – present:
Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Boston University
Email:; Tel: +1-617-353-9881; Webpage; CV

Research Asst. Prof. Jeff Demas (co-Principal Investigator)

Jeff ProfileBS 2011: University of Rochester
PhD 2017: Boston University

2017 – 2021:
Postdoctoral Fellow, the Rockefeller University
2021 – present: 
Research Assistant Professor, Boston University
2021 – present:
Visiting Assistant Professor, the Rockefeller University
Email:; Tel: +1-617-353-7843; Webpage; CV

Postdoctoral Fellows

Researchers with expertise in nonlinear optics, quantum photonics, structured light, or imaging and microscopy are welcome to apply by sending a CV and cover letter, describing their potential fit with the group, to the PI or co-PI.

Ph.D. Students

Zelin ProfileZelin Ma
BS 2015: Sun Yat-sen University
Area of current research:
OAM fibers for communications


Xiao ProfileXiao Liu
BS 2016: Shanghai Jiaotong University
Area of current research:
Nonlinear optics with twisted light


Begum Profile

Havva Begüm Kabagöz
BS 2017: Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Area of current research:
Ultra-fast multimode nonlinear optics & biomedical imaging


Aaron Profile

Aaron Greenberg
BS 2017: Case Western Reserve University
Area of current research:
Communications with OAM light


Daniel ProfileDaniel Shahar
BS 2020
: University of Florida
Area of current research:
Quantum optics with structured light


Vineetha Ashok
MS 2021
: Cochin University of Science and Technology
Area of current research:
Ultra-fast microscopy


Purva Bhumkar
BS/MS 2018
: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
MS 2021
: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Area of current research:
Nonlinear optics with twisted light


Parker Landon
BS 2022
: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Area of current research:
Beam shaping & mode transformations


Students interested in joining the lab should formally apply via the College of Engineering website. Graduate students already enrolled at BU, and those who have accepted an offer to attend BU, may email their CV and (unofficial) transcript to the PI or co-PI.

Visiting Scientists and Academics

Dong-Il ProfileDong-Il Yeom
Professor, Ajou University
Sabbatical Visitor


Ivan ProfileIván Coto Hernández
Postdoc, Harvard Medical School
Visiting Scientist


Aidan McCall
Undergraduate Student, BU ECE
Optical instrumentation


Andrew Chang
Undergraduate Student, BU BME
Microscopy & biomedical imaging


Isabelle Boegholm
Undergraduate Student, BU Physics
Optical instrumentation


Group Alumni
  • Aku Antikainen (Postdoc 2019-21); Post-group Affiliation: University of Rochester
  • Gautam Prabhakar (Ph.D. 2019); Post-group Affiliation: Aeva Inc.
  • V. Balaswamy (Postdoc 2019), Post-group Affiliation: Tejas Networks.
  • Lars Søgaard Rishøj (Postdoc 2013-19); Post-group Affiliation: Faculty, Technical University of Denmark
  • Boyin Tai (Ph.D. 2019); Post-group Affiliation: Thorlabs Inc.
  • Du-Ri Song (Postdoc 2016-18); Post-group Affiliation: Harvard Medical School
  • Erik Christensen (Exchange student 2018-19); Post-group Affiliation: Technical University of Denmark
  • Guang Yang (MS 2018); Post-group Affiliation: Boston University
  • Geo Philip Muppathiyil (Postdoc 2017-18)
  • Prof. Govind Agrawal, University of Rochester, NY, USA (Fall 2017 Sabbatical visitor)
  • Xinglin Zeng (CSC Exchange student 2016-17); Post-group Affiliation: Hong Kong University
  • Mustafa Ordu (Ph.D. 2017); Post-group Affiliation: Faculty, Bilkent University, Turkey
  • Niharika Singh (Postdoc 2017); Post-group Affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
  • Jeff Demas (Ph.D. 2017); Post-group Affiliation: Rockefeller Institute, NY, USA
  • Patrick Gregg (Ph.D. 2017); Post-group Affiliation: Finisar Inc., California, USA
  • Lu Yan (Ph.D. 2017); Post-group Affiliation: Applied Semiconductors, California, USA
  • Tao He (CSC Exchange student 2014-16); Post-group Affiliation: NORINCO, China
  • Asher McGuffin (MS 2016); Post-group Affiliation: Pepper Hamilton LLP, MA, USA
  • Oleg Shatrovoy (MS, 2015); Post-group Affiliation: MIT Lincoln Lab, MA, USA
  • Kasper Ingerslev (Exchange student, 2015); Post-group Affiliation: OFS Fitel, ApS
  • Kris Goldizen (MS, 2014); Post-group Affiliation: MIT Lincoln Lab, MA, USA
  • Nenad Bozinovic (Ph.D., 2013); Post-group Affiliation: Nistica Inc. (Furukawa Corp.), New Jersey, USA
  • Paul Steinvurzel (Postdoc 2010-13); Post-group Affiliation: Northrup-Grumman Corp., California, USA
  • Michael Grogan (Postdoc 2011-13); Post-group Affiliation: Capital One, VA, USA
  • Yuhao Chen (MS, 2013); Post-group Affiliation: Sintec Optronics, Singapore
  • Christopher Hwang (MS, 2013); Post-group Affiliation: MIT Lincoln Lab, MA, USA
  • Roman Barankov (MS, 2012); Post-group Affiliation: IPG Photonics, MA, USA
  • Marko Laurila (Exchange student, 2012); Post-group Affiliation: NKT Photonics, Denmark
  • Sourav Dutta (MS, 2011); Post-group Affiliation: Harvest Futures Consultant, India
  • Damian Schimpf (Postdoc 2010-11); Post-group Affiliation: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Hamburg, Germany
  • Masao Goto (Visiting Scientist, 2010-11); Post-group Affiliation: Japan Patent Office, Tokyo, Japan
  • Prof. Karsten Rottwitt; Technical University of Denmark (summer 2010 visitor)
  • Khwanchai Tantiwanichapan (MS, 2010); Post-group Affiliation: National Electronics & Computer Tech., Thailand