Moving to Boston

Many of the Questrom MBA students move from many cities in the United States and abroad.  This article will provide some insight on the common concerns MBA students have when moving to Boston and some advice to keep in mind when making the big move!

Common concerns from the MBA students who are new to Boston are related to housing, winter weather, and adjusting to the city.

  1. Housing

Figuring out where to move, how, and when is always one of the most difficult decisions. The great thing about Boston is the public transportation available which gives students a range of neighborhoods to target their housing research.

Most of the Questrom MBA students live off campus. There are some Boston University rental options through Boston University Real Estate but there are few and off campus options tend to be more affordable. Keep in mind, most leases start on September 1st. The important thing for students when looking for housing is the commute. Most MBA students recommend living near the B, C or D lines since they stop at Kenmore Station, which is a 4-minute walk from the Questrom School of Business.  The neighborhoods students recommend looking at when searching are Brookline, Allston, Kenmore/Fenway, and Back Bay.

For more information on Boston University Real Estate, click here.

  1. Winter weather

The winter months are rough for many students who are not used to the cold weather, but with a good winter coat and a pair of snow boots you will be braving the cold like any Bostonian! Speaking to your fellow classmates and second years on what is the best gear to buy for the winter months is always a great way to get prepared. It is also important to have a good support system that will get you through the cold months.

Here is a list of the winter essentials to brave a Boston winter:

  • Warm parka: A down-filled waterproof parka is a must have in the winter months to keep you warm.
  • Snow boots: Snow boots might not be the most fashionable item in your closet but believe me you will love them after your first snow. The boots keep your feet warm and dry. They are essential for freezing rain, snowstorms, and wind chills.
  • Wool beanie, socks, and scarf: Wool is a great fabric to keep you warm on the winter months. A beanie and scarf will be necessary when your entire body is warm, but your neck and head are freezing. Your regular cotton socks will not be enough in the cold weather so make sure you stock up on wool socks before the first snowstorm hits.
  • Tech-friendly gloves: Tech friendly gloves are key for the winter. They not only look professional, but they are also practical since you will not have to take your gloves off to text someone.
  • Wool Coat: The wools coat is a great alternative for the parka. The parka is usually best for inclement weather, but the wool coat is best suited for the nicer winter days. It is also more stylish and professional so it will come in handy for those networking events and interviews.
  • Layers!!!: The key to staying warm in the winter is layers. Make sure you stock up on sweaters, shirts, undershirts, and long underwear or leggings to keep you warm in the colder days.
  1. Adjusting to the city

The city of Boston has many attractions that make it desirable for students and tourists to come and enjoy all it has to offer. From its many museums to its larger than life sports scene, Boston has many cultural activities to emerge yourself in. However, since Boston is the center of academia there is a big student population and therefore great diversity.

MBA students shared some of their favorite things to do in the city:

  • Running outdoors: Boston has many parks where you can run and enjoy nature. The Charles River Esplanade is one of the most popular ones among Bostonians with views of the Charles River along the way.
  • Rock Climbing: Some of the MBAs enjoy rock climbing in the city. Outside of the city there are a few outdoor parks available for rock climbing, but many of the students enjoy indoor rock climbing due to the weather. Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville is a popular rock-climbing gym. If you are new to rock climbing, the Boston University gym, FitRec, has rock climbing lessons and open hours to use the indoor rock-climbing wall.
  • Sports: Boston is known for being very proud of its sports’ teams. Don’t miss a Red Sox game at Fenway Stadium or a Celtics game at the TD Garden.
  • Music: Many artists come to Boston to play in one of the many theaters including the Agganis Arena right on campus. If you are looking for a less expensive and more intimate way to experience music in Boston, check out Sofar Sounds Boston to hear local artists play in secret locations.

We hope we have convinced you that you can also survive Boston winters and the many challenges of moving to a new city! If you have any questions about your move to Boston, please email

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