Set Up Direct Deposit for Reimbursements

Only available for Faculty and Staff

Direct deposit is available to employees for business and travel expenses reimbursements. These expense reimbursements are completely separate from Payroll direct deposits. Reimbursement payments can be made to the same bank account as your paycheck, or to a different bank account, based on your own preference. If you are interested in signing up for the direct deposit program, please follow the directions below to add your bank information for expense reimbursements in the ‘Benefits and Pay’ section of Employee Self-Service (accessed through the BUworks Portal).

1. Click on the ‘Direct Deposit’ section


2. Click on the ‘New Expense Reimbursement bank’ button


3. Enter your routing and bank account number

Specify the type of account (checking/saving). For ‘Payment Method’, select ‘Bank Transfer (ACH PPD)’. Please do not fill in any information in the “Note to Payee”, “Percentage of Net” or “Flat Amount” fields.


4. Hit ‘Review’ and then ‘Save’

Please allow up to 3 business days for the change to go into effect.

If you need to change your bank information in the future, or want to discontinue the use of direct deposit, this information can be edited in ESS or removed at any time, via these same screens in Employee-Self Service. If you have any questions regarding the Paymode direct deposit program, please send an email to