All conference activities will take place at Boston University’s Photonics Center Colloquium Room, located on the 9th floor.

Friday, April 21

Robert Guay, “Ordinary Extraordinariness: Dialectics of Need in the Philoctetes
Yi-Ping Ong, “Vollendungsroman: The Novel of Age”
Chair: Stephanie Nelson, BU Classical Studies; Director, Core Curriculum

Philip Fisher, “Kindness and Malice”
Alexander Nehamas, “Is ‘Argument’ the Most Essential Feature of Philosophy?”
Chair: Charles Griswold, BU Philosphy

Saturday, April 22

Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, “Experiencing the Self: The 18th-Century Novel Between England and Germany”
Allen Speight, “Narrative Hope/Narrative Disenchantment: Reflections on Storytelling and Lost Causes”
Chair: Michael Prince, BU English


Monique Roelofs, “Reading, Writing, and Cultural Agency as Forms of Address: Julio Cortázar’s Quotidian
Perambulations beyond Particularisms”

Charles Altieri, “Are there States of Mind Which We Can Call ‘Inner Sensuousness’?”
Chair: Juliet Floyd, BU Philosophy
Andrew Miller, “History, Philosophy, Middlemarch
Lydia Goehr, “‘Above literature? Who is above literature?’: Creativity and Appropriation in writing and reading”
Chair: Sanjay Krishnan, BU English

John Gibson, “On Making Sense”
Rita Felski, “Getting It: Art and Attunement”
Chair: Keith Vincent, BU World Literatures & Languages