Ousmane Cisse

Mandinka Language Consultant

Ousmane Cisse
  • Title Mandinka Language Consultant

Ousmane Cisse graduated from Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis with a Master’s degree in Linguistics (Phonology/Sociolinguistics) and was granted a Fulbright scholarship by the US State Government to pursue his studies in the United States. He received another Master’s degree in Linguistics (Syntax/Phonology) from Eastern Michigan University. He is currently pursuing his Doctoral studies at Boston University in the Linguistics Department. He is also teaching Mandinka as a Teaching Fellow at the African Studies Center while working with the Mandinka Ajami project.

Born in Ziguinchor, a dense multi-lingual area of Senegal, Ousmane gained mastery in the most influential languages of the region, including Wolof and Mandinka, which eventually triggered his interest to learn more about languages.

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