Mouhamadou Lamine Diallo

Boston University, Fula and Wolof, Language Team Consultant

  • Title Boston University, Fula and Wolof, Language Team Consultant

Mouhamadou Lamine Diallo is a native speaker of Pular (Fuuta Jalon Fula) and Wolof. He has taught these two languages for years at Harvard University, Suffolk University, and Boston University. He has also served as a Wolof language consultant for a linguistic field method course at the Linguistics Program at MIT, and a Field Methods Consultant for BU’s Linguistics program. He currently serves as a Wolof language lecturer (Ajami & Roman Script) at the African Studies Center at Boston University. He is the only Wolof instructor trained to teach Wolof in both Latin and Ajami script in North America. He is finalizing Njàngum Wolofal, a Wolof Ajami workbook for intermediate and advanced students supported by the BU African Studies Center’s Title VI program. Diallo is also engaged in digital humanities research. Working with Professor Fallou Ngom and local team members in Dakar, Senegal, he successfully led the digital preservation of over 1000 pages of Fuuta Jalon Ajami texts hosted at the African Ajami Library at Boston University.

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