Abubakar Jalloh

Fula Language Consultant

Abubakar Jalloh
  • Title Fula Language Consultant

Abubakar Jalloh is a biomedical research scientist working at the intersection of entrepreneurship and biomedicine. Upon graduating from Cornell University with a B.S. in the biological sciences, he enrolled in a PhD program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in The Bronx, NY. His thesis focused on creating a novel technology that is capable of distinguishing active T (immune) cells clearing infections versus naïve (inactive) cells. In the years since completing his doctorate, he has worked intermittently in business development to evangelize ideas emerging out of universities.

Abubakar has been involved in the NEH-funded  ‘Ajami project drawing from his firsthand experience in the Fuuta Jalon Diaspora of Lagos (Nigeria) and NYC. Working hand-in-hand with a brilliant team of social scientists on the ‘Ajami project, Abubakar brings along important complementary skills, such as: Modern Standard Arabic exposure (since childhood), Classical Arabic Literature translation into the Pular dialect of Fula, Ajami writing, West African Kufi scribe training, firsthand knowledge of Sufism, and an intuitive knowledge of Fula linguistics.

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