Mullen Lab – Evolutionary Genomics

Research in the Mullen lab is aimed at understanding the origin and maintenance of diversity at all levels of biological organization.  Within this broader context, we are particularly interested in the link between divergent natural and sexual selection of adaptive traits (e.g. – mimicry in butterflies) and the origins of barriers to gene exchange between closely-related populations (i.e. – speciation).

Current projects in the lab focus on testing mimicry theory, understanding the structure, function, and evolution of cis-regulatory elements influencing color pattern development, and investigating the causes and consequences of synanthropic life-history evolution in the webbing clothes moth.

The Mullen lab is committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion and inquires from prospective students and postdocs, particularly under-represented minorities, are always welcome. The lab is also a safe-space for the entire LGBTQ+ community. 

Tel: 617-358-4589
E-mail: smullen (at)
Twitter: @mullen_genomics