Principal Investigator 

Masha Kamenetska
Assistant Professor
Departments of Chemistry, Physics and Material Science and Engineering

Photonics 831
8 Saint Marys St
Boston MA 02215

(212) 358-3334

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Masha Kamenetska Joined Boston University in 2017 as joint assistant professor in the departments of Chemistry and Physics. She has been awarded the Young Investigator DOD Award (YIP) from the Airforce and the CAREER award from the NSF.  She was a Fellow in the Scialog: Cellular Machinery of the Cell 2019-2021 and a Scialog Team Award recipient in 2021. Prior to joining BU, she was a Postdoctoral Associate in Chemistry and an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University from 2012-2017, working on single molecule force spectroscopy of biological and polymer materials. She received her PhD with distinction in 2012 in Applied Physics from Columbia University where she worked with Dr. Latha Venkataraman on conductance and binding geometries of single molecule-metal junctions.

Graduate Students

Daniel Jackson
Department of Chemistry

Photonics B16





Xiaoyun Pan
Department of Chemistry

Photonics B16






Hannah Skipper
Department of Chemistry

Photonics B16





Brent Lawson
Department of Physics

Photonics B16





Brian Dawes

Department of Physics

Photonics B16



Favian Liu

Department of Chemistry

Photonics B16






Zelin Miao

Division of Material Science & Engineering

Photonics B16




Undergraduate Students


Vera Degtiareva

Department of Physics







Faisal Halabeya
Department of Physics






Maitreya Rose

Department of Physics






Faisal Halabeya, 2022: BS in Physics, BU 2022; Physics PhD candidate in University of Toronto

Vera Degtiareva, 2022: BS in Physics, BU 2022

Kate Matthews, 2021: BS in Physics, Haverford College, 2022; Physics PhD Candidate in San Diego Univeristy

Lige (Regal) Jiang, 2021; current at D’Andrea lab, Harvard Medical School

Hiba Pediyakal, 2020: BS in Chemistry, BU 2020, University of Michigan Medical School

Connor Uzzo, 2019: BS in EE, BU 2019 Master’s in Mathematics, Brown University

Amber Chow, 2019: BS candidate at Northeastern University

Andrea Rustad 2019: went onto Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine:

Nicholas Miller, 2019:  Physics PhD candidate at Northwestern: