Barry at New Haven Presbyterian Church, 1990s

Barry says she was first physically, immediately aware of the Holy Spirit when she was eight years old. How she expressed and experienced her relationship with the Divine changed over time. Though formal education has played a role, so has lived experience. Barry reports that one of her biggest struggles is with her negative feelings about fundamentalism of any sort, Christian or otherwise. Barry also counts music and hymns from many traditions as a principal influence on her theology.

Theology and Hate

Easter: The Rending of the Veil + The Thief on the Cross

Learning Theology from Hymns, Whittier’s “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”

I Don’t Follow Every Bit: “Fling Out the Banner”

Zaburs, Bhajans, Psalms: Your Voices are One

The First One I Heard, 1945: “Raba Ki Howe Sana Hamesha”

“Param me pitaki” + “Jai, Jai Yesu”

My Favorite Hindi Bhajan: “Prema Anand”

“Hark the Herald” in Urdu

“Into the Woods My Master Went”

“Galilee, Bright Galilee”

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