India: Early Years

Barry and Marty making chapatis
Barry and Marty making chapatis, Landour Language School, 1946

At the time of their marriage, Barry and Jim knew they wanted to serve as missionaries for the American Presbyterian Church in India.  The only missionaries who went to India before the end of WW II were, in Barry’s approximation, working for the CIA.  Soon after V-J day in October 1945, Jim, Barry, and their toddler daughter Marty took a troop transport ship from Baltimore to Lahore, which at that point was still a part of India.  Barry explains that it was from there that they began to study Hindi and Urdu and serve the Indian Church.

We Sailed on a Troop Ship

We Got to Karachi

Lahore: How Long Are You Staying?

Ewing Christian College: Voluntary Poverty

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