Connecticut College

Barry 1
Barry Alter, 20, Yearbook Photograph

Barry arrived on the campus of Connecticut College in the fall of 1938 from Minneapolis.  In this section, she explains how she came to choose Connecticut College and what she studied before she graduated in 1942. Listen, here, to Barry as she explains what it was like to be a college student during WW II and what she and her cohort knew of Nazi aggression. By the time Barry graduated, she had discussed theology with Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich and had attended weekly lectures on church history at Yale. Perhaps even more significant, she had grappled with cultural relativism in a course on sociology and had begun to resolve her feelings about the potential for imperialism and judgment in international missionary work.

How I Chose Connecticut College

History of My Scholarship: Prejudice

Mrs. Wessel: A Professor Who Prepared Me to Be a Missionary

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