L-R: Jim, Abhishiktananda, Barry, Rajpur, 1960s

Ministers, priests, and other spiritual leaders within the many Christian communities in India visited the Retreat and Study Centre in Rajpur.  One of the most important to Barry during the 15 years she and Jim supervised the center was Swami Abhishiktananda, a Catholic priest born in France in 1910, ordained as a Benedictine in 1935, who came to India in 1948.  As Barry explains in these stories, Abhishiktananda pursued interfaith dialogue and established the first “School of Prayer” in Rajpur.  It was through her study with Abhishiktananda that Barry began to practice meditation and contemplation and selected a mantra: dwell.

Abhishiktananda: A Christian Sadhu

Abhishiktananda: Camel’s Hair Coat Story

Abhishiktananda: Tin Trunk

Abhishiktananda: They Put Him in His Black Benedictine Robes

Abhishiktananda: Meditation, Contemplation, Mantra

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