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Thomas Nedelec

Paris Brain Institute


“Dissecting the causal question underlying the association between cancer and dementia”

L. Paloma Rojas-Saunero

Erasmus MC

L. Paloma Rojas-Saunero

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Zach Baucom

Boston University School of Public Health

Zach Baucom MELODEM

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Lon Schneider

University of Southern California

Lon Schneider MELODEM

“The Challenge of Health Equity in Clinical Research: Towards a Quantifiable Science of Inclusion.” 

Jonathan Jackson

Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital

The Challenge of Health Equity in Clinical Research_ JJackson_2020

“Towards Real-World Data for Dementia Studies: Use of machine-learning to improve metrics”

Deborah Blacker & Sudha Seshadri

Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital

Towards Real-World Data for Dementia Studies_SDas_DBlacker_2020

“Implications of covid for dementia researchers”

Bryan James

Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center

The intersection of COVID-19 and dementia: a double hit for older adults_BJames_2020