January 19th, 2023: Marina Sirota, Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute, UCSF, “Leveraging Molecular and Clinical Data to Better Understand Alzheimer’s Disease”

Marina Sirota


December 15th, 2022: Sepideh Modrek, San Francisco State University, Health Equity Institute & David Rehkopf, Stanford University, “Long-term effects of Local Area New Deal Work-Relief in Childhood on Educational and Cognitive Outcomes over the Life Course”

Sepideh Modrek & David Rehkopf

December 1, 2022: Tara E. Jenson, Zilber School of Public Health, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, “Environmental Cadmium Exposures, Cognitive Performance in Older Adults, and Subsequent Alzheimer’s Disease Mortality.”

Tara Jenson

November 3, 2022: Tianhao Wang, Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Rush University Medical Center, “The ‘cognitive clock’: A novel indicator of brain health”

Tianhao Wang

October 20, 2022: Emma Nichols, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, The use of algorithms for the identification of incident dementia: challenges and potential biases:

Emma Nichols

October 6, 2022: John (Rob) Warren, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota “High School & Beyond: Turning an Education Cohort Study into an ADRD Study.”

Rob Warren

September 15, 2022: Marcia P Jimenez, Boston University &  L. Paloma Rojas-Saunero, UCLA “Racial and ethnic differences in the risk of dementia under hypothetical blood-pressure-lowering interventions: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.”

Marcia P Jimenez &  L. Paloma Rojas-Saunero


November 18, 2021: Madhav Thambisetty, NIA/NIH, “From Mechanisms to Medicines: realizing the DREAM of an Alzheimer’s cure.”


October 28, 2021: Venexia Walker, University of Bristol, “Predicting drug repurposing opportunities for Alzheimer’s disease prevention using genome-wide association study data”


October 8, 2021: Maria Glymous, UCSF, “Introduction to using Directed Acyclic Graphs in dementia research”


September 15, 2021: Ryan Andrews, Boston University School of Public Health, “Meditations on Mediation Analysis”

Ryan Andrews

September 2, 2021: Michelle Odden, Stanford University, “Collider Stratification Bias in Studies of Dementia: Mountain or Molehill?”

Michelle Odden

July 15, 2021: Thomas Nedelec, Paris Brain Institute, “Data-driven identification of health conditions associated with incident Alzheimer’s disease dementia risk: a 15 years follow-up cohort from electronic health records in France and the United Kingdom”


June 3, 2021: L. Paloma Rojas-Saunero, Erasmus MC, “Dissecting the causal question underlying the association between cancer and dementia”

L. Paloma Rojas-Saunero

April 1, 2021: Zach Baucom, Boston University School of Public Health, “Using State Space Models for Longitudinal Neuropsychological Outcomes”


March 18, 2021: Lon Schneider, University of Southern California, “Methodological features and FDA’s regulatory guidance on aducanumab and Alzheimer drug development”

Lon Schneider


October 15, 2020: Deborah Blacker & Sudeshna Seshadri, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, “Towards Real-World Data for Dementia Studies: Use of machine-learning to improve metrics”

Sudeshna Seshadri & Deborah Blacker

July 9, 2020: Bryan James, Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, “Implications of covid for dementia researchers”

Bryan James

May 7, 2020: Jonathan Jackson, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, “The Challenge of Health Equity in Clinical Research: Towards a Quantifiable Science of Inclusion.”

Jonathan Jackson